Introducing TuringElect

Over the past 3 years, the Turing team has been working hard to help you build Bayes better. We’re proud to be the PPL of choice for both experts and researchers just starting to learn Bayesian statistics. This broad appeal is a testament to Turing’s excellent design.

As part of this project, TuringLang is expanding its efforts to include public outreach. Our goal is to help inform everyone (regardless of their statistical background) on the principles of statistical inference, by creating more examples of high-quality statistical modeling.

To achieve this goal, we’re proud to announce TuringElect, a new project to build Bayesian forecasts for the 2022 midterms. As part of this project, we’ll be providing clear explanations of how our model works for the public, using tools such as interactive web applications and high-quality graphics to communicate our findings to the general public.

The end product should be similar to those put out by The Economist or FiveThirtyEight.

By building awareness about the importance of good statistical modeling, we hope to improve public support for the open-source software you all know and love. We also expect this project to produce tangible benefits for our users, such as tutorials on Bayesian time-series models and informative prior selection. Thanks to everyone for your support!

Last modified: September 02, 2022.
C.A. and the Turing Team